Tips on Eating Out

This article has been written to give you tips on eating out when you are trying to lose weight. When watching what you eat especially when watching your carb intake, it is easier to choose wisely in restaurants where familiar dishes are served. Ethnic restaurants present more of a challenge because food combinations, typical dishes and often ingredients are different. Nevertheless I will give general guidelines to follow for when you decide on eating out when dieting.

Tips On Eating Out

General Guidelines and Tips On Eating Out:

Tips On Eating Out

1- Don’t arrive at a restaurant starving as you will find the bread basking so tempting if you do and you will have less control over what you order. Eat something small like a hard boiled egg a few minutes before you go out.

2- Some restaurants feature their menu online. And I know this is an extreme diet tip on eating out but if you can check for their menu online and decide on the best lowest calorie and lowest carb dish for you and stick to it once you arrive at the restaurant. If your serious about losing weight these are the kinds of drastic measures you have to take to make sure you succeed in losing weight.

3- Ask for any sauce that it served with the meal to be served on the side, so that you have the choice whether or how much you consume.

4- Start with a soup or a salad as they are low in carbs and will help you fill up before your main meal. Also drink plenty of water as this will have the same effect.

5- Do not fall at the first blunder you make. Ok so you ate something that was battered or breaded, it was only one meal. And anyway, a little treat will help you stay motivated and you will not feel so deprived.

6- Dessert is not really a good option unless you opt for fruit with unsweetened whipped cream. Otherwise you could just save some money and wait till you go home to indulge in a controlled carb treat.

Chinese Restaurant:

Tips on eating out in a Chinese restaurant include sticking to dishes that are stir fried steamed or grilled and again ask for any sauce to be served on the side.

Fast Food:

Keep in mind that most fast food is highly processed, loaded with carbohydrates and often prepared with trans fats (hydrogenated oils). Its a fact of life that at one stage or another you will end up burger king or pizza hut etc. so when your in such a place you should know how to choose the most nutritionally sound meal options. For example eating the burger without the bun can cut out 29 grams of carbs and avoid the mayonnaise and mustard.

Pizza Chains:

Sorry but you will have to avoid the pizza it pack with far too many carbs. However most pizza chains do chicken wings and if you get a salad along with that you have got yourself a little meal there! Select acceptable vegetables as a salad base, then top with protein foods such as hard boiled eggs, turkey or chicken. Avoid coleslaw as it may contain sugar and also pass on that pasta salad. Try to use oil and regular red or white wine vinegar instead of a prepared dressing.

Chicken Chains:

You should try to avoid anything barbecued or breaded. Barbeque sauce is typically full of sugar and some of it has probably seeped into the meat. The safest thing would be to remove the skin. Roasted chicken and dry rubbed meats are fine. If there is a grilled chicken sandwich available grab it! Discard the bun though.

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