The KFC Original Recipe Is Finger Licking Good


I love to cook.

When she was a teenager, my wife’s mother told her she’d better marry a man who can cook, because she definately couldn’t. Well, she married me – a man who can cook. My wife is not as bad as he mother suggests – I have to say that, because this is a public blog. Still, her expertise (as we joked about just yesterday) is ordering pizza or Chinese food.

If it is a fancy night of cookin, she brings home a bucket of KFC friend chicken and a selection of side dishes.

As a cook, I have often tried to mimic the “secret recipe” of the KFC original recipe chicken. Have you ever tried that? Have you ever been curious about the components ofthe KFC “secret recipe”? Not long ago, in a book store, I read a book that claimed to have unlocked the KFC secret. Well, they had “part” of the KFC secret. They had identified most of the ingrediants in the KFC secret formula. The author said he was still missing something – not to mention the amounts of each ingrediant. Not only that, he was not certain about the cooking procedures and preparation steps, either. So, basically, what he had was a good friend chicken recipe. He did not have THE fried children recipe that has made KFC a global house-hold name.

KFC keeps their trademark 11 herbs and seasoning are yet to be publicised to the outside world. I even spoke with one of their chefs and he said he doesn’t even know. It is under lock and key, hidden in a vault someplace, with the goal to keep it as close to secret recipe as formulated by Colonel Sanders.

Still, people have tried to copy it for decades – and they will keep trying.

If you think you know the secret, send me your recipe. In a future post, I will share my version. We’ll see whose version is best.

In the meantime, get a coupon for KFC and go get yourself a bucket.  My wife is bringing home dinner tonight.  Yippee – it’s going to be finger licking good.


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