Taco Bell Is Always Experimenting With Their Menu

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Is Always Experimenting.  Every time you visit their establishment, you can expect to see some new “dish” they are trying to introduce to the marketplace.  Now you need to understand that these menu items are not really Mexican meals.  In fact, they are not really a Mexican restaurant.  If you want Mexican food, you’ll need to try a more traditional restaurant that specializes in such food.  Even then, most of these menu items will be toned down for the typical American taste buds.

Taco Bell does not count if you are looking for a traditional Mexican meal.  Seriously, they are NOT Mexican establishment. They might be loosely Mexican inspired, but that is the end of it.

You will never find a Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme in Mexico, or any authentic Mexican restaurant.

Same is true about about the “encharito” – my favorite at their establishment.

Taco Bell is always experimenting – always putting together the traditional fixens of a Mexican meal in new and creative ways.  They are experts at concocting some new, creative, and (most of the time) enjoyable for their standard customer.

Now this provides a really good opportunity to get a really low cost meal, cheap – without the need for a coupon or discount code.

Take, for example, the “encharito.” I told you a moment ago that is was one of my favorite  dishes from this fast food place.  Just the other day I ate at Taco Bell and ordered an “encharito.” It is a a mid-sized tortilla soft shell, filled with beef and beans, covered in Taco bell sauce – and then topped with melted cheddar cheese. Simple, no fuss, and very “tasty and delicious” as my daughter would say.

On this visit, I paid $2.49 for my “encharito.”  Now when this item was launched about half-way through 2011, it was priced as a very affordable .99 cents. I didn’t need a coupon in order to get that price.

So, what was the deal?  Well, it is simple.  Taco Bell was engaging in a marketing test, trying to see if they could create a market for this item.  They were very successful.  I might be the one that put them over the top, in fact, because I order this item each time I visit.  As a result, the item is not on the permanent menu and a bit more expensive.

Not to worry, though.  As I said, Taco Bell plays with their menu more than most, and the experiments can get you a good meal cheap, without the need for a coupon.  In fact, I think I might head over to Taco Bell right now to see what’s new on their menu.

Taco Bell

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