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My daughter is a college student.  Like many students, she HATES the food provided in the school cafeteria.  I mean she absolutely, positively, without any reservations or exceptions whatsoever, HATES the food that is served in her school cafeteria.

I like it cause I pay for the meal plan.

If she could, she’d eat out every meal in a nice establishment.  Unfortunately, for her, she’s usually broke.  He on-campus job provides her with the basic necessities – and a little cash left over.  Where does she spend that?  He favorite fast food place – Taco Bell.

Tacos are a basic Mexican dish which is probably more popular in the United States than Mexico.  You take a hard or soft-shell tortilla, fill it with beans, beef or chicken, tomatos and lettace, and you have a cheap meal.  My daughter absolutely, positively, without any reservations or exceptions whatsoever, LOVES tacos.

My daughter is like her father.  She loves to save money.  She’s always looking for a deal.  Even in a place as affordable as Taco Bell, she still looks to save money (good girl).

Taco Bell offers a variety of special promotions and deals to help anyone – even a college student – save a few dollars.  Newspapers, advertising circulars, and the corporate website offer numerous Taco Bell coupons.  You can download them to your mobile device, print them at the dorm (or house) before dining – and save a few dollars with each visit.

The last time I went to visit my daughter, I offered to take her to Taco Bell and I had my Taco Bell coupons.  Nope.  She’d have nothing to do with that.

“I thought Taco Bell was your favoritate place to eat!”

“It is,” she said.  “Its my favorite place to eat when I am with my friends.  When you are here and paying the bill, I expect to eat better,” she said with a smile.

So we ate at a fancier dining establishment.  It was a real, honest-to-goodness Mexican restaurant advertised locally, without the aid of a tiny little dog.

When I took her back to the dorm before coming home, she said:  “Can I take those Taco Bell coupons!”

Well, of course she could.  I can always find or print more.  You can get your at the company website for use on your smart-phone or mobile device, or print them out on your handy dandy printer, or find them in your local newspaper or advertising circulars.



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  1. Miyuki says:

    Restaurant as defined by Merriam-Webster dariiontcy: a business establishment where meals or refreshments may be purchased Taco Bell qualifies. Heck, by that definition, Stop-N-Go qualifies.Anyway, all who know me know that I would find it very difficult to exist without a Taco Bell. Okay, not really, but I do love it THAT much. Sure, the quality of the food probably isn’t the best, as is most food that comes from a fast food restaurant. But it’s good and it’s cheap. The service is usually very good and speedy and correct. I have a tendency to have special orders, so it’s a huge + in my books if they can get my order right on an astonishingly consistent basis. Which they do. The restaurant itself is usually clean from what I can see, but I usually get my food to go, so I don’t pay that much attention to details.

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