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Ronald McDonald insanity
Another wacky Ronald McDonald clip from nicovideo. No words can describe this. This is based off of a song called ”UN Owen was her” Flandre Scarlet´s theme from a game called Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil – AKA Touhou 6. It is a bullet hell series where you play as a heroine and try to get trough all 6 stages and then if you choose, to fight the Extra stage boss. In Touhou 6 Gensokyo (where they live) is shrouded by red mist by a vampire known as Remilia Scarlet and you have to go to her mansion to defeat her and stop the mist. (thanks killette2) I DID NOT CREATE THIS AND IN NO WAY AM I PROFITING FROM THIS VIDEO. I posted this on YouTube for people that don´t have NicoVideo access. Please stop sending me messages about this. MCドナルドはダンスに夢中なのか?最終鬼畜道化師ドナルド・M


Loving It: Mcdonalds Coupons On The Web Currently

Free fries, free milkshakes, free burgers! All these are possible at McDonalds while you present your McDonalds Coupons! These will not be the only things you may get totally free or discounted prices at McDonalds. Quarter Pounders, Double Cheeseburgers, Hen Nuggets, and the Large Mac are all open to discounts! There are a number of ways to get your McDonalds coupons. Listed below are among the ways you can get them!

McDonalds Restaurants

One of the vital straightforward sources of McDonalds Coupons are from the restaurants themselves. McDonalds normally give out a set of coupons for free each year. These could have ten pages of coupons you need to use to get discounted orders on the coupons.

Look out for these individuals who distribute flyers. One of those flyers could possibly be a McDonalds coupon. McDonalds often sends out one in every of its workers at hand out coupons in the streets close to its branches. You will simply spot these workers as a result of they’re wearing their normal McDonalds uniform.

McDonalds Coupons Online

Another approach to get McDonalds Coupons is by going to the different web sites that offer McDonalds Coupons. The official web site of McDonalds is one other potential supply of printable coupons and codes.

Other Sources of McDonalds Coupons

Often examine your mail and post as a result of McDonalds Coupons are usually despatched to individuals via mail whenever there’s a promotion. There are also occasional McDonalds Coupons which are tucked in between your Sunday paper, so that you higher check the pages for these flyers. You might also browse through the pages of newspapers as a result of McDonalds ads generally have coupons you may reduce out.

Wherever you get your McDonalds coupon, you can be positive of great discounts and freebies in your meal. A simple sundae, milkshake, and free French Fries is all it takes to make a customer happy. They’re lovin it.

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