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Dairy Queen

Eating at Dairy Queen is a special treat for most people of my generation.  It brings back, for me, memories of special nights out with my family in Daytona Beach, for a hotdog and a milkshake. In college, Dairy Queen invented the best-selling Blizzard Treat, which has become a mainstay for many who want a special treat.

Not all Dairy Queen places serve food.  Those who do often the standard fair of most fast food place.  This includes menu items such as burgers, fries, hotdogs, and all that other stuff you love to order at McDonalds and Burger King. But what I really like – waht makes Dairy Queen famous – is their icecream.  They are know for their marvelous frozen treats.

Of all their treats the Blizzard is my favorite (ice cream with mashed sweets, chocolate, cookies, or fruits or berries blended in)  Dozens of other fast food places have tried to offer their version of the Blzzard, but the orignial is always the best.

Now those who follow my writings regularly know that I love to save a dollar here and there.  Even though Dairy Queen has always been know for good prices, it is still nice to save a couple dollars.  One way to do that is to join the  Blizzard fan club on the DQ website.  Then you will have access to Dairyu Queen coupons that will save you money.  Additionally, you can find more Dairy Queen coupons in all the normal places (in flyers, newspapers, etc.).

Dairy Queen is a slice or Americana.  Each time I eat there it brings back special memories.

Saving money is also a part of American culture.  Thanks to Blizzard fan club, you can get access to regular Dairy Queen coupons that will help you save a lot of money.

There is a Dairy Queen a couple of miles from my house and I have my Dairy Queen coupon for a savings on a Blizzard.  I love the Oreo variety.  Going to go get mine right now.


Dairy Queen

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