Burger King Coupons and Square Butts

Burger King Coupons and Square Butts


Mcdonald’s And Burger King Coupons – How To Get Them For Free Anytime

Most fast food restaurants could have specials every now and again. We have all seen their staff around the sidewalk, usually with posters and samples promoting them in shopping malls or around their establishment. What a lot of people are not aware of is that you can get these promos whenever you want if you know where to look. The good thing is, it isn’t restricted to just McDonald’s or Burger King.

I am about to show you how I very rarely pay for Burger King or McDonalds using coupons and promos which are readily accessible just about everywhere. Before I get into precisely what I do whenever I walk into a fastfood restaurant, which is more frequently than I want to admit, think of this scenario:
You and your friends are driving back home from a concert and decide to make a quick stop at Mcdonalds for a bite to eat. Everyone i spretty hungry and all decidethat it’s a good idea. You make your way to the counter and place your order just to realize that you have left your wallet at home and you had your mind set on a juicy combo. At this point, you are thinking of borrowing money from your friends or going home empty handed and with an empty stomach. The problem is, your house is miles away and it would make more sense to just eat something when you are there. Sound familiar?

The key is simple.

At just about any Mcdonald’s or Burger King, they will most often have stacks of coupons somewhere in there. They might not be in plain view but chances are, the manager will have some stashed away somewhere. Sometimes they prove useful when confronted with unhappy customers. Most people don’t think about this because the staff will not necessarily tell you everything that is happening. The truth of the matter is, these promos are a big part of why they are so successful and they have no problem giving them to the people who ask.

That’s right. Simply walk up to the front counter and ask the friendly personnel or manager at a fast food restaurant near you whether they have any coupons or deals going because you prefer their burgers. Most times,that will do it. You will be astounded at how well this works. Don’t feel timid or too embarrassed to do this, you are bringing them more business plus they are assisting you in doing just that. Everybody wins.


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