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In today’s economy, nobody should ever be ashamed of saving a few dollars.

Not log ago I saw a rather well-to-do friend at my favorite eating establishment – Arbys .  This guy is financially loaded.  When he paid, he pulled out a cnoupon.  When I joked, “You are using a coupon!  I thought you were a rich guy.”

“How do you think I got rich?” he responded.

Now I know he got rich from working hard and investing wisely.  But I also know (from personal experience) that you have more to invest when you save on your expenses.

Two or three times a week I meet by wife for lunch at Arbys .  Most than any other fast food place, features fresh and healthy lunch and dinner selections (at least the here in Richmond, Virginia).  So I never have to feel guilty about eating too much unhealthy food when eating in .  That said, is also a bit pricey.  That’s understandable.  You pay for quality.

Still, I hate paying full price for anything – especially for dining out in a fast food place like .  So I am always looking for a special promotion, a meal deal, or some combination platter that will satisfy my hunger while saving me a few dollars.  Fortunatley, Arbys is always ready to help me out.

Coupons are available in newspapers, weekly advertisement flyer, and on the company website.  Locally, the where I eat is part of a very professional run set of franchises owned by a great guy.  He also runs some specials that are only available locally.  I always keep my ear to the ground and my eyes on the local and corporate website to get the best deals possible.

Arbys also offers a special customer loyalty program (at least locally) by printing coupons on the back of my receipt.  So every time I return I am able to save a dollar on a regular roast beef sandwich.  That was what my friend was using when he made his purchase.  If you check your receipts you may well find coupons for fast food places like I do using the coupons on the back on my receipts.

There are dozens of restaurants out there that are scrambling to put together the best coupons offers to attract out business and loyalty.  has done a great job with that in my opinion.  When you consider what a  nutritious and enjoyable dining experience they provide (esepcailly here in Richmond, Virginia), as wll as the fact that I get to hand out with my lovely bride, this is a win situation all around.


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